Our Camel trips

The Sahara is one of the last sanctuaries of the world, a place that we do not seek to conquer, but which we must adapt. The peace and calmness of the desert evoke a need to share and a feeling of oneness.
This atmosphere has led the Sahrawi to develop a culture of sharing their natural resources freely with others.

The Sahrawi developed their nomadic culture which in turn has made trekking part and parcel of their lives. Camel trips are a product of this rich culture. It is this culture that we propose to you , to discover the daily life of nomadic Moors of southern Morocco.

Camel trekking is made easy and enjoyable through our services which include :
  • A refund when you arrive at the airport and a decent farewell to the airport on your return journey
  • Accomodation in a hotel or Riad on the first and last days if necessary
  • Rides between the airport and on the departure day are by minibus or by a 4x4
  • We give you the Quechua two seconds tent and sleeping bags so you can travel light. Camels carry your luggage
  • Four to five hours walk per day( trekking available to anyone who loves walking but not necessarily as a sport
  • Our tours are done in small groups of between 5 to 12 people but we are flexible on t the size of groups-We can organize larger or even smaller personalised groups
  • We also provide you with expert guides who speak your language

Don't miss our camel trekking trips which give you the opporunity to have a peaceful sight seeing trip as you enjoy the trekking !

1 Night 1 Day 3 Days
resto night bivouac sunset
Erg Lihoudi Chegaga "Jerboa"

4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
chega dromadaire caravane
Dunes de Chegaga "Fennec" Mhamid - Erg Smar

8 Days 11 Days 13 Days
boga caravane meharee marabout
"Gazelle" "Dromedary" "Marabouts"